About Me

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My name is Poppy and I read books.

First let me tell you a little about myself.

I find it necessary to start off by telling you I’m addicted to coffee. It’s a problem. Now that’s over with, I am a highschool student in the United States, but I happen love Scotland and all Scottish things.  My favorite music features strong guitar leads and a great beat. I like to say the only things I need in life are the three B’s: The Beatles, The Black Keys, and Bombay Bicycle Club. I love drawing and spend most of the school day sketching on notebook paper. It is a life goal of mine to write a book all the way to the end. At this point I’ve started about a million novels but have yet to actually finish one. Probably half of my diet consists of bell peppers and I prefer black and white photography to colored. I absolutely love film and go through periods where I spend more time watching movies than I do sleeping. Some of my favorite films consist of The Breakfast Club, Sherlock Holmes, Inception, Reservoir Dogs, and Breakfast and Tiffany’s.  Above all I like to read. Some of my favorite books are The Great Gatsby, The Catcher in the Rye, The entire Harry Potter series, and To Kill a Mocking Bird. I love all of these books dearly and believe they have really shaped who I am as a person.

I created this blog for one reason and one reason only: I want to talk about books. I absolutely adore reading and spend the vast majority of my time doing just that. My childhood was spent in between the pages of my favorite stories, and I always  associated myself with fictional characters rather than actual people. I think that the best books spark conversations. I am always wanting to discuss the books I have finished or am in the middle of. Sadly, I do not have many friends who like to read like I do. That is where the website comes in. I want to talk to people! I hope this website reaches people who love books and literature so that I will finally have some to talk to about all of my ships, fandoms, and my overall bookish nonsense. I hope you enjoy and decide to stay for awhile.


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